We the people from Mumbai feel that we need no special exercise as we do it every day while travelling to Mumbai. But it is not so because ‘Yoga is job done with skill’ which reduces tension from the body; on the other hand travelling is a stressful job.


It is science which deals with relaxation of body and mind without pains. You can learn in details during our courses.


1) Physical health.

It is not necessary to state so, as it is most acclaimed. If you have good health, you can save your lot of time and money utilised on medicines and doctors. You can spend the saved time on your priorities.

2) The mental health

As predicted by psychologist there will be time in next few years when every family will need a psychiatric. The yoga can release the pressure from your mind and make life comfortable against all odds.

Some people follow wrong path for quick success but at the end repent on it. The Yam-Niyam (Rules)in yoga prevents you from wrong habits and make life respectful.

3) Improvement in Productivity.

Yoga can improve your productivity (saving in time and doing job without errors).

Students can finish studies early and relax with their hobbies. It helps to reduce mistakes due to improved concentration and better control over emotions.

This is applicable to all aged people like children, students, workers, officers, managers and senior citizens…etc


1)  The 7th habit as per the most successful book by Stephen R  Covey is ‘Sharpen the saw’. The yoga produces the same effect of sharpening our body and mind for quick and correct movements.

2) You need not go out or use any instruments for performing yoga, only thing required is your body, mind and time.

Career in Yoga ?

The United nations has announced 21st June as ‘International Yoga Day’. The awareness about Yoga is rising steadily in India, there is huge scope to make career in Yoga. Educational institutes, Corporates, offices will need qualified Yoga Teachers. The Indian yoga teachers will have special demand in abroad also.


Please do not practice yoga by reading books or watching TV because it is a science to be learned personally from the qualified and experienced teacher.


Difference between yoga and exercise.

Yoga Exercise
The asan position is attained and released in slow motion. The steps taken are in fast movements.
Anybody from age of 14 years can do it. It can be done in certain age limit.
It reduces breathing speed which eases the pressure on the heart. It increases the breathing speed which raises the pressure on the heart.
It does not require any external instruments hence can be practiced at home in all the seasons. It requires external instruments hence need to go out for gym. It becomes difficult to go out and  practice in extreme weather conditions.