Following Yog courses are conducted on regular basis at Yog Vidya Dham,  Dombivli.


Sr No. Course name Eligibility criteria Syllabus Duration Exam Remarks
1 Yog Pravesh Normal health ,age above 14 years Surya Namaskar +40 asasans+ Breathing exercise+ 4 lectures Daily 1 hr. for 4 weeks Practical critically ill not allowed.
2 Yog Parichay  Yog Pravesh completed Extended practice of Yog Pravesh+NewAsanas+Shudhhi kriya+Pranayam+Theory Daily 1.25 hrs. for 6 weeks Practical+Theory
3 Yog Prabodh Yog Parichay completed Extended practice of Yog Parichay+ newAsanas  + Shudhhi kriya +Pranayam+Theory Daily 1.5 hr. for 8 weeks Practical+Theory
4 Yog Pravin Yog Prabodh completed Asanas + Research Paper Distance education Practical+Theory
5 Yog Sanjivan N.A. Simple asans for Shoulder, neck, waist.  Days daily one hour N.A. Senior Citizens
6 Yog Sopan N.A Simple asans for Shoulder, neck, waist. 8-15 Days daily one hour N.A. All patients are allowed
7 Pranayam Sadhana Shibir N.A. Basics of pranayam 8 Days daily one hour N.A.
8 Smart Slim Sadhana( SSS) Fatty people Asanas+Pranayam+Shuddhikriya+ Diet 21 days daily 2 hours N.A. For Weight Loss.
9 Tejasvi Bal BalikaShibir Children of 5-15 years Asanas+ Sanskar+ Meditation Daily 1 hour for 8 Days N.A. Vacations
10 Yogopachar Patients Accupressure/Massage/ ayurvedic  medicine Every Fri  and Wed 6 to 8 pm N.A. Nominal fees charged.



  • The course Sr No.1 is the most popular course.

Yog Pravesh course is conducted for free of cost at around 40 places in Dombivli and Kalyan in January every year. It is conducted throughout the year on paid basis on places said on home page.

  • Booksand CD’s are available for various courses mentioned above.
  • The courses Sr No.5 to 8 are conducted according to season. They are announced by advertisements, handbills, web and other media.
  • We can arrange the courses in your area also ifsuitable place is made available and the courses can be conducted for various groups like Samaj mandals, Mahila mandals, Rotary, Lions clubs, various social organisations, Ganapati mandals, Navratri mandal and various alumni associatios, schools and colleges, Corporates for their CSR projects, SME’s and small offices for employees to increase their productivity. You can contact our office for the same.

Here you can see contact information of our various centeres.


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